New Government advice: British Lion eggs safe for mums-to-be, babies and elderly people

The Food Standards Agency has changed their advice for British Lion eggs. Read the official press release here:

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APHA – the role of the APHA during an AI outbreak

The Poultry Health and Welfare Group organised a series of AI Roadshows in 2016 to inform producers about contingency planning during an outbreak of AI. This download is a copy of a presentation delivered at the AI Roadshow in Diss in November 2016.

New assurance guide for public sector food buyers

Assurance bodies have worked together to provide new guidance for the government procurers and caterers who feed the public sector. Defra hopes that school and hospital food providers will use the standards as a blueprint for procurement. As part of that process, organisations including the British Lion Mark, NFU, BRC Global, SALSA, Red Tractor Assurance, Freedom Food, LEAF, Organic Food, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, MSC and the Food for Life Catering Mark, have put together a guide to the assurance schemes that can help buyers balance quality and value when buying food. This guide is available for download here as a PDF document.

Regional Avian Influenza meetings across the UK

With three cases of Avian Influenza (AI) in the UK over the past nine months, AI is the single biggest threat to the UK and global poultry industry. The UK Poultry Health and Welfare Group (PHWG) will be holding several informative events, across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, to help poultry farmers be prepared in the event of an outbreak.

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Avian Influenza in Ducks, East Yorkshire – Update – 26th November 2014

Avian Influenza in Ducks, East Yorkshire – Update – 26th November 2014 Following the recent outbreak of AI in ducks in East Yorkshire, DEFRA has issued biosecurity guidance: ‘Wild Birds: biosecurity measures’ dated 25th November 2014 available as a PDF here: Last Updated: 26 November 2014

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Egg Industry Welcomes Egg Ban Reversal

The British Egg Industry Council has welcomed the reversal of the House of Commons ban on the use of fresh eggs.

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IEC Paris 2010 Conference: 11th to 13th April

Fantastic opportunity to meet with some of Europe's biggest egg producers and processors. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet with other egg industry leaders and decision makers, in one of the largest egg producing countries in Europe; put the date in your diary and book your place at the IEC Paris 2010 Conference from 11th - 13th April.

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Gold standard for British Lion

The Code of Practice for British Lion eggs has been significantly upgraded, with enhanced salmonella controls and improved traceability, to confirm its place as the UK and EU’s pre-eminent food assurance scheme.

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MP’s flip out for British lion Eggs

British Lion Eggs will be sponsoring the Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race which raises funds for brain injury charity Rehab UK.

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Egg limits lifted

After more than 30 years, limits on egg consumption have been lifted.

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